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Orion Maya Labyrinth

The Mirror of  Orion Maya Labyrinth                 James Needham

The goal of this article is to explain how the labyrinth is laid out and how this energetic work is done.

The Mirror of  Orion Maya Labyrinth functions using the pyramid technology of the ancient Maya. That is to say that it is a frequency generating machine. The human brain and body along with pre hispanic/indigenous instruments become  the moving parts of this machine which generates ultrasound frequencies. The ultrasound frequencies that we generate from this labyrinth machine can travel  a radius of  more than a hundred miles depending upon the size of the labyrinth and how many people are working within it.
Ultrasound frequencies produce subtle yet profound effects   on human beings within the labyrinth as  well as those in its radius of  influence.  Effects  include the activation of our latent DNA and our synchronization with the incoming higher solar and planetary frequencies. The Maya identified the ultrasound frequency of 13 Hertz as being the frequency that brings about Unity, Harmony and the connectedness of all human beings to each other and everything in the Universe. This is what the Mirror of Orion Maya Labyrinth is all about.
LABYRINTH CONFIGURATION (  please see diagram above)
You can see there is an outer circle with one entrance at the North. Inside this circle are five concentric circles that form pathways. Two of these pathways and the small circle in the very center are shaded in the diagram. This is because they do not function as paths or walkways.The center shaded circle we refer to as the Heart and we will explain it later.
The two  shaded pathways contain six small circles each with  an entrance to  the pathways where people will be walking. These six circles Ac Tah calls Areas of Activation.

Areas of Activation
The outer shaded circle area contains three circles:

1.North by the entrance
Area  for silent meditation and prayer of all types and traditions.
2.East Side
Area for energetic healing such as Reiki, laying on of hands etc.
3. West
Area for movement meditations- Tai chi, yoga, energetic dance
The inner shaded circle ( NOT  the Heart at the very center ) also has three circles:
1.North East
Area for percussion instruments- Drums, rattles etc.
2.North West
Area for wind instruments- flutes, digiridos, clay whistles, conches etc.
Vocalized sound meditation-mantras such as “OM”, prayers, invocations etc.
The Heart
This is the shaded circle at the very center of the labyrinth
Here silent meditation is done by the labyrinth organizers with any elders or leaders of other groups that are present and have been invited into the heart by the organizers.

ACTIVATING THE MIRROR OF ORION  MAYA LABYRINTH  NOTE: The procedure described below is how Ac Tah began doing the labyrinth over two years ago. Since that time there have developed variations of how to do activate the labyrinth. Ac Tah encourages people to follow their own energy.

People are asked to bring a small bottle of purified water and a small live plant to place in the heart of the labyrinth. Also to turn off  all cell phones and maintain the intention for peace and unity in the World.When it is time to end the activation everyone stands in place and applauds for 3 minutes. Then they pick up their plants and water ( now energized-plants to be planted to spread the vibration and water to consumed ) and walk the labyrinth out and again form a circle around the outside circle for the closing ceremony.
IMPORTANT-  People from all traditions, philosophies and religions are invited to participate, each bringing with them their own Spiritual practice.
The labyrinth begins with Ceremony. People gather around the outside of the circle evenly spaced. Conches are blown and  a pot of burning copal incense ( an ancient indigenous incense ) is passed from one person to another around the circle. Then organizers and one other person beating a drum walk the labyrinth into the heart with two pots of incense. They leave one pot burning in the heart and walk the labyrinth out placing the other pot at the entrance. Then everyone surrounding the labyrinth enters through the door carrying their water and plants.  The instruments also are carried in at this time. 
After leaving their water and plants in the heart,  people go into their desired area of activation ( meditation, instruments, healing etc ) and begin their practice or remain in the pathway to walk the labyrinth. 
The intention is for some of the people to walk the labyrinth thirteen times. The activation lasts for one hour. During this time some people change from one activation area to another or from walking to practicing in one of the areas.
In Mexico the Mirror of  Orion Maya Labyrinth is being done in approximately 50 cities once per month, synchronized to the same day and time with thousands of people participating. Note: The labyrinth is now being done in various countries around the World.
Mai and I did two labyrinths in Ohio last  year. One in Cincinnati with about eighty people and one at the Serpent Mound with about one hundred people.
People have expressed an interest in doing this labyrinth in their cities in the U.S..

Ac Tah has asked us to help make that happen. If you would like to be an organizer of the Mirror of Orion Maya Labyrinth in your area please contact us by email through our website